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Dec 16, 2021
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Logan, Zachary & Spencer at St. Paul Christmas Lunch Zachary and Spencer grew up together and were best buds in school and daycare. They had lots of silly adventures and so much fun with friends and each other. Zachary was the kind of best friend you hope your child will have, and I mean that with my whole heart. He was sweet, kind, loyal and funny. His calmness grounded and comforted Spencer and his sense of humour kept him laughing. Zach always had a smile when he came over for visits; he was so polite with a quick hello and a twinkle in his eye as he would dart off with Spencer, and I knew there was more behind that cute mischievous little grin. When he was at our place the boys had many backyard playdates, mini-sticks hockey games, video game tournaments and I could hear them giggling way into the night downstairs during sleepovers. I remember one such evening when my husband and I went out to an event, leaving my older daughter in charge of babysitting. The boys typically watched a movie and would have popcorn and snacks before bedtime. Occasionally, they would make themselves some creative, elaborate treats. Apparently this night they decided to try out the can of whipping cream in the fridge - not to top off an ice cream sundae, but to eat it directly from the can, spraying it into their mouths! "Wow," I said in disbelief," when I found out after the fact. "Congrats, you actually did that? I said to Spencer. "And where were you?" I asked with exasperation to my experienced babysitter daughter who usually follows all the rules. "Oh I was there," she laughed and added, "I walked in on it and they were having so much fun. So I just gave them some sprinkles to top it off!" "What?!" I said, I couldn't believe it, and I learned they actually finished the whole can in the kitchen:) I was just a little embarrassed and wondering what Zach's parents would say. But I had to laugh too as well and knew it was all in good "sweet" fun. We are so grateful for these fond memories and Zachary's friendship; thank you for brightening up our lives Zachary:)! We miss having you around so much. With warm thoughts in our hearts, we are thinking of you now at Christmas, and always. Love Spencer, Pam and Graham, Samantha, and Grayson
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